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Berlin Science Week

7.11.2019 14:00 – 15:30

Berlin Science Campus
Tristan Lounge

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Mathematics nowhere – Mathematics everywhere

7.11.2019 14:00 – 15:30


Mathematics has been an area of study throughout human history. Today, mathematics has developed into a tool so sophisticated that most people do not even notice its presence in our lives. We can say that mathematics exists both nowhere and everywhere. More recently, with the development of AI and big data analysis, there is a new recognition of the importance of mathematics as an innovative science with critical applications. In particular, it is remarkable that mathematics can bring deep insights into the analysis of music. Mathematics is now an international enterprise which can benefit society. The purpose of this event is to present and discuss examples of how mathematics contributes to various aspects of modern society.


Talk 1 (20 min)
Mathematics for Soft Matter
Kuniyasu Saito (Tohoku University)
Talk 2 (20 min)
Mathematics of Music
Daniel Ramos (IMAGINARY)
Talk 3 (20 min)
Mathematics in Africa
Thierry Zomahoun (African Institute
for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS))
Panel Discussion (30 min)
Mathematics Nowhere – Mathematics Everywhere
Sylvie Paycha (University of Potsdam)
Kuniyasu Saito (Tohoku University),
Daniel Ramos (IMAGINARY),
Thierry Zomahoun (AIMS)


Berlin Science Campus
Tristan Lounge

Organizing Institutes:

Tohoku University AIMS IMAGINARY